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'Work' safety

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

I am not going to talk about sex education. I am going to talk about “work.”

Imagine, if you will, you live in a society where everyone at some point wants to go to work. They may at first go to ‘work’ on their own. Eventually they may decide to carpool with someone to ‘work,’ but that is a different discussion.

This imagined society is obsessed with other people’s ‘work’.

· How are they ‘working’?

· Who are they ‘working’ with?

· What will others think of someone’s ‘work’ life?

· At ‘work’, do they have good performance reviews?

· Do the guys bring the right size tool to ‘work’?

· Did they actually have to pay someone to do ‘work’ ?

· Do women enjoy ‘work’?

· Have women had many ‘work’ partners?

· Is she a ‘work’ - aholic?

· Is he a ‘work’ – aholic?

In addition to all that worry over other people’s ‘work’, this society is also dealing with a huge ‘work’ safety issue, especially among adolescents and young adults who are just starting to ‘work.’ These safety issues are a huge financial burden not just on the individual, but on society as a whole.

There is also a very vocal group of people who strongly believe that a person should only have one job for their whole lives. They say that jobs are full of diseases. If you go to ‘work,’ then you are going to catch a disease or worse, die. Also, the only way to be happy with your right job, is if you have zero experience in any other job. Once you have found your right job, then you will magically know how to ‘work’ that job and you will be the best fit for it.

Many times, this group will also go about trying to shame people, especially women, if they ‘work’ with different jobs. Some of their arguments are that women are like a piece of masking tape. The more ‘jobs’ they have had, the less sticky and effective they will be when they do find the right job. They also have compared women to gum. Each time the woman ‘works’ she is just becoming a used, already chewed up piece of gum, that no other job could possible want. Another tactic is saying that every time some ‘works’ with a new partner or job, they carry a little bit of that old job forward to every new job and partner. So, in essence, it is like the new partner is ‘working’ with the old partner.

For years now, this very vocal group has pushed another notion on society. If you talk about ‘work’ safety in any form, you are encouraging adolescents to start ‘work.’ And adolescents should not ‘work.’ They should save themselves for the right job.

This notion has become so ingrained in this society, that many local and state governments have gone to abstinence only ‘work’ education. The only way to not have a ‘work’ related injury or illness is to not work at all. Schools cannot talk about any aspect of ‘work’ with the students. In other words, governments have mandated ‘work’ safety ignorance. That is something that should be taught at home, and not in the schools, the government says. Yet now society is dealing with multi-generational ‘work’ safety ignorance. The parents do not know ‘work’ safety, and therefore cannot teach it to the children.

Because of this mandated ignorance, there are more ‘work’ safety incidents than almost ever before. ‘Work’ transmitted infections are at all-time highs. Unwanted teen ‘9-month developmental promotions’ are skyrocketing. So naturally, ‘developmental terminations’ are rising as well.

A group of people who study ‘work’ safety want to come in and start educating children and teens on ‘work’ safety protocols. Their message is clear and concise. The best way to increase ‘work’ safety is to talk about ‘work’ safety. They argue that a comprehensive ‘work’ safety education that is taught before teens enter the workforce will show drastic improvements.

Things that should be included in this ‘work’ safety education?

  • Accurate descriptions and diagrams of both male and female tools. Descriptions and functions must be scientifically accurate.

  • Comprehensive education on what ‘work’ consent is, how it can be given,and when it can be revoked.

  • Comprehensive understanding of PPE (personal protective equipment). This includes a demonstration and explanation of how to safely implement PPE, this is for both male and female workers.

  • Legal overview. What ‘work’ is legal? What is illegal. What will happen if someone does something illegal? (Such as an underage individual taking a picture?)

  • Overview of ‘work’ transmitted infections. Including, how to notice the signs (if any), how they are treated, where one can get treated, and risk if they go untreated.

  • Allowing adolescents and teens an opportunity to ask questions about ‘work’ and answering them honestly and scientifically.

  • Debunking common myths about 'work.'

Sorry, turns out I was talking about sex education the whole time.


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Ken Donaldson
Ken Donaldson
Sep 29, 2021

It came back around on my FB thread from one year ago today...still love it!!


Ken Donaldson
Ken Donaldson
Sep 29, 2020

Thanks Phillip...well it!!

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