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Universal Healthcare

Why do I support the idea of universal medical insurance instead of the for-profit private sector insurance model we have right now?

Because the system that we have right now does not work. I know some of you are going to try to argue that point, probably going to say that government-run universal health care is socialism and I am a communist, blah blah blah. Before you do, please read all of this post. I will explain how truly screwed up the health care system in the US is. This is a very big post. Please take a few minutes to read this

Oh, and if you are wondering my qualifications for this, I have both a Bachelor of Health Administration and a Masters in Mental Health.

As you read these, remember that the United States is one of only a few industrialized countries where almost all of these apply to a large number of people.

1) Have you or someone you know delayed medical treatment because you can't afford either insurance, the deductible, or the full medical bill?

2) Have you or someone you know ever been told coverage was denied because a doctor was out of network?

3) Have you or someone you know received medical treatment at an in-network hospital then later be hit with a much higher bill because while yes the hospital was in-network, not all the doctors doing the procedure were?

4) Have you or someone you know either taken or stayed at a crappy job solely because of the insurance that job provided?

5) Have you or someone you know filed bankruptcy because of medical bills?

6) Have you or someone you know ever had to change medication because your insurance dropped coverage of medication in the middle of the year?

7) Have you or someone you know ever decided to keep an insurance policy just because a doctor was in-network with them?

8) Have you or someone you know ever started a "go fund me" type of charity hoping people will help pay for medical care/treatment?

9) Have you or someone you know ever thought about suicide because of crippling medical debt?

10) Have you or someone you know ever refused necessary medical treatment in order to not burden the family with more financial debt?

Why do I support 100% universal health insurance? It would eliminate most of the scenarios mentioned above. Yes, it would cost more in taxes. However, for most people, they would be paying less in additional taxes than they are right now paying insurance premiums. Not to mention it would drastically cut down on out of pocket maximums that people are faced with right now.

The whole in-network / out of network issue would be gone. If there were universal health insurance, every doctor and hospital would try to be listed with them. Not only would you get to keep your favorite doctors, but you could fire the ones you don't like. There are other trickle-down benefits as well.

1) Hospitals would not have to worry about medical write-offs any more. Thus, procedures and emergency room visits would become cheaper for everyone.

2) People would not have to let minor issues become emergent just to seek care. This goes for both physical injuries as well as mental health crises.

3) Because those with mental health issues would have access to more continuous care, there is a higher chance of them becoming more productive citizens and becoming gainfully employed. Right now across the US, the ER and the jail are often the only places where a person with a mental health crisis can get care. The ER can only hold them for up to 72 hours. Then they have to either transfer to an in-patient psychiatric unit or literally kick the patient out of the hospital.

If a person does not end up in the ER, then they more often than not end up in jail, usually for disorderly conduct. US jails are designed to be an uncomfortable experience in the hopes of deterring repeat behavior. A jail is quite literally the worst place for someone with a mental health crisis or psychotic episode. It is almost impossible to improve mentally in a place that is designed to break a person's mental fortitude.

There are many more reasons why I support universal health insurance. These are just the main points.

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