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What is Sexual Bereavement?

Sexual Bereavement is simply grieving the loss of sexual intimacy with  your partner. It can be after you have been widowed, or you can experience sexual bereavement as either your or your partner's health starts declining.

  We as humans are sexual beings.  Humans are capable of having sexual desires and interests until the day they die.  For many people, being sexually intimate with their partner is a large part of their relationship.  It is only natural then to miss the sex life as one or both people deal with failing health.  

  While you may find that sexual intimacy has declined, there are other forms of intimacy you and your partner can continue to nourish at all stages of life.


   A recent study found that the vast majority of widows interviewed were wanting to talk about about the sexual longing they had for their deceased partner.   However, these women were unsure of who to talk to.   They also reported that they would feel uncomfortable bringing up the topic, but would be grateful if their friends broached the subject.

   If this describes you, and you want to talk about your sexual bereavement, please call me. There is nothing wrong with missing a form of intimacy you shared with your spouse or partner.

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