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Non - religious bereavement counseling


    Many people have described grief to me as being in a storm at sea at night.  Some times you think you are doing OK, other times, it is wave after wave of emotional turmoil. It makes you question if your head is above water or below. Are you weathering the storm or are you drowning? 

    What makes it worse is when you have no where to talk about the deceased.  This is called disenfranchised grief. One of the last things a grieving person wants to do is feel they may be judged for who they loved or how they loved them.

    I am a secular grief therapist. As such, it does not matter to me the type of the relationship. If you are grieving, then that person had an impact on your life.  It does not matter if they were your partner, spouse, parent, or child. Or they could have been your boss, your mistress/mister, or even your spouse's lover. I will not judge. 

    If you are dealing with grief and for whatever reason do not want to deal with any faith-based grief support, please call me.  Countless studies have shown that one of the best ways of working through grief is to talk about it and talk about the person you loved.

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