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   No family or relationship is "perfect."   Every family has some level of drama or issues that can arise. It can be very difficult going to someone to talk about the issues in your family.  You may even be wondering what a therapist could do to help.  You might even be wondering how I could possibly relate to your situation. 

   While it is true that your family situation is unique, it may not be as uncommon as you think. Your family situation is in fact only unique because each of the people involved are unique individuals.  However, many times, couples or families have issues that cycle. One problem leads to another problem, which may lead back to the original issue.

  Here is how I may be able to help your family:

  • I won't take sides in the dispute.  Everyone involved has a point of view. Everyone deserves the opportunity to voice their side or view.  

  • I will help the family to externalize the problem(s).  Many times, families come in believing one person is the problem.  This only creates an environment of resentment and hostility that cannot get better.  By externalizing the problem(s), families can start to repair bridges and work collaboratively towards their goals and resolutions.

  • I can help your family re-frame the larger problems into more manageable, smaller issues.

  • Each family is a culture onto itself. A family is made of individuals who are either working towards harmony or towards individuality.  As  therapist who specializes in relationships and families, I can help a family come together to develop a cohesive family story.

    If your family or relationship is in turmoil, please call me to schedule your free information visit.  If you are willing to put in the work, you can build a healthier environment for everyone involved.

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