If you are considering going to a marriage and family therapist, I applaud you. Many people question if talking to a stranger is even worth it. Personally, I believe that almost any relationship can benefit from counseling.  Whether it is a romantic relationship, a family relationship, or social relationship, talking to a neutral third party can help.

  Also, for any relationship to be healthy, it must work for all who are involved.  Many times, one person will say their relationship with (blank) works for them.  But does it work for both of them?  What if there is an issue or problem in the romantic relationship or family?  Talking to a therapist can help people overcome those issues. 

  Please look through my specialties.  These are areas that I have additional training, education, and experiences with.  These are very big 'umbrella' categories.  I see clients for a wide variety of sub issues with-in each of these categories.


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