Faces of COVID:

A Virtual Grief Support Group

No matter how you look at it, COVID-19 has had an everlasting impact on our society.  One of the most heart wrenching impacts has been tremendous death toll.  The people who have died leave behind many loved friends and family members.  

If you have lost a loved one to COVID-19, know you don't have to grieve alone.  There are others out there who know what you are going through, because they also are going through the same emotional turmoil.  This group is a way to connect with others across the state.  This group designed with the sole intent of providing a safe place to express your grief without judgment, shame, or ridicule from others. 

​​This is an ongoing virtual support group for Florida residents who have lost a loved one from COVID-19. 

Group meets every Thursday at 1pm EST - 2:30 EST. 


If you are interested in attending the group, you must call by the Friday beforehand. 

Groups will be conducted via Zoom.

The cost is $30/ group attended.